Questions and Simple Answers


We love questions! 

Make our day--call us and join the Yootl family!

Q:  What makes your company different from others?
A:  Glad you asked.  We focus on fabulous service.  You’ll love working with us (at least we hope so!) 

We also use incredible technology--sensors connected to the internet so we can make sure everything is ok with your property--all day, all night.

We'll immediately know if something is flooding, or if your heater stopped working. 

When we find something wrong, we respond.  You won’t find anything like that anywhere.

Anytime, you can also log-in and check on your phone how your property or rental is doing.  

Q: I’m tired of worrying and taking care of my property.  Can you help?
A: OF COURSE!  This is one of our all-time favorite questions!

Q: My parents are becoming elderly and need someone to maintain and upkeep the home, can you help?
A:  YES!  Absolutely.  If you simply don’t have the time to maintain your home (or travel frequently) and need someone to keep it in top shape, or you’re in need of someone to maintain an elderly person's home, we do it all.  We have a network of vetted plumbers, electricians, landscapers, And contractors that we work with to get the best value and quality for your maintenance dollars.    We deploy state of the art technology to have a 24/7 snapshot of the home, and respond immediately to any problems.

Q:  What is your cost?
A:  Simple.  We provide an INCREDIBLE value.  No hidden fees, everything is upfront.  Our fees not ONLY cover the management cost, BUT also the cost of the state of the art technology that we deploy to assist in delivering the finest property management service anywhere.

Rental Units: $65/month; Each additional $45 (on average)

Homes: starts $40/month depending on size, needs, and other factors.  Call for a quote.

We love flat fees.  It’s simple.  BUT, if you prefer a % of Rent, let us know.  We can work with that as well.   

Q: Can you rent my property?
A:  Absolutely.  Take a deep breath...we take the stress out of the renting process.  We will do a thorough market analysis to calculate the best possible rent for your investment.  We will advertise, look for the most qualified “Yootl” approved renter, prepare the property for occupancy, take care of the lease, collect rent, provide accounting for the rental, respond to tenant needs, and handle all evictions/issues as necessary.

Q:  How quickly can you rent the property?
A:  We strive for an average of 2 weeks. 

Q: Will you take care of our lawn?
A:  Absolutely: our contractors will do a superb job of taking care of your lawn and making sure it is watered and staying green.  We will arrange for all of this.

Q: How do you pay me for my rental units?
A:  We will collect rent from the tenant.  Yootl takes the management fee directly from the rent and then forwards you the rest via direct deposit or check.  We also account and do the bookkeeping for you for all your rental properties.